Many of my customers have had computer's for many years or just recently purchased one. While they might have some familiarity, most want to learn more and take full advantage of what a home computer has to offer. For some people a computer is a way to stay in contact with friends or family with email or messaging, but for some of us we try to push the boundaries and learn new ways computers can help manage our life. Trying to help with technical assistance over the phone is not very easy. A remote screen sharing program is the solution!


Crossloop allows cybersectec to securely view and control your computer over the Internet. We can interact with your computer as if it was right in front of us, all while you watch. This option is great for troubleshooting error messages, installing/configuring software, or receiving visual training for new programs.


However for actual work done, remote service is billed at $50/hr with a $10 minimum charge.

Installation: A technician will walk you through the necessary steps to install and configure the remote access software. Installation typically takes about 5 minutes. In order to utilize the remote access software you will need a working, high-speed internet connection.

Security: Your security and privacy is of utmost importance to us. The remote access software makes use of an encrypted, secure connection, and requires a password and confirmation from the client before a connection can be established. If you have any questions or concerns about the process, please don't hesitate to ask for more information.

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